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  • This special version is often used for renovating an old amino acid analyzer made by Hitachi, Dionex and Beckman etc.

  • The acquisition box comes with this special version acquires two chromatograms simultaneously for the dual wavelength signals from the instrument UV detector, and the start signal and stop signal from the instrument auto-sampler can also be linked to the acquisition box.

  • A series of chromatogram files are generated according to the series of injections from the auto-sampler. Information about each sample such as standard/unknown, sample weight, injection volume and dilution factor etc. can be pre-defined or post-defined in each chromatogram file. A one-stop quantifying function is designed to quickly get the result for the series of unknown samples by using the information of series of standard samples.

  • 20 kinds of hydrolyzable amino acids and 43 kinds of free amino acids are imbedded, so results of morality and mass concentration are both shown at a time.