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Using our function in a DLL based on the technique of IPC (Inter Process Commutation), the instrument controlling software written by the manufacturer can steadily and real-timely send start/stop command and even instrument acquisition data to our data processing software, and the instrument controlling software can be incorporated into our data processing software to form an integrated chromatography workstation.

Compared to our software on chromatography data processing, the software on instrument controlling comparatively needs less research work and is simple to write. This way of incorporation is also in the trend of software modularization. The manufacturer doesn't have to re-write the whole software but only the controlling module should the instrument be upgraded.

The building efficiency has already been proven by several GC and HPLC manufacturers and the cost is very low. We can do customization work and can even modify the software logo if the manufacturer needs.

Please click here to download the trial version of this software. After starting, you can see the interface above, and you can click the fifth button on the toolbar to bring out a small embedded window titled Control Panel Example, which is indeed an independently executable file.

As is mentioned above, our advantage is that the manufacturer can rewrite the Control Panel using whatever programming language he/she likes. The manufacturer can send chromatography acquisition data and start/stop command to this software very easily. So this software can be only a data processing one, and the manufacturer designed software can be only a control panel in charge of communicating with GC or HPLC. The two software form an integrated chromatography workstation.