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This version will acquire and process the chromatography signal obtained from the gases extracted from the insulation oil, and calculate the quantity of various gases resolved in the insulation oil. Apart from the usual characteristics available in the standard Peak-ABC, this version has the following characteristics:

  • The rate of degassing of each of the gas components is applicable to a particular degassing method (such as vacuum method and vibration method).

  • Various parameters such as the Ambient Temperature, Ambient Pressure, Degassed Gas Volume and Oil Volume are taken into account to calculate the standardized quantity of gas that have been dissolved in the oil sample.

  • Results can be put directly into Microsoft Access, and based upon the database the curve depicting how the quantity of a component taken from the same location change as time changes can be constructed.

  • Instead of acquiring separately from the two channels and manually combining and processing the two acquired chromatograms into the desire result, this version stresses that you can conveniently combine a segment of one chromatogram with a segment of another chromatogram and obtain the results in just one single chromatogram.

  • Three concentration ratios among components will be given in the report to give assistance to judge faults in the transformer.