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Peak-ABC-GPC system is fully integrated with Peak-ABC software system. Having acquired a chromatogram using Peak-ABC system, Peak-ABC-GPC system enables you to accurately measure molecular weight distribution and produce various GPC plots and reports interactively. The highlights of Peak-ABC-GPC is:

  • Peak-ABC-GPC is fully integrated with Peak-ABC software. While Peak-ABC software is responsible for the acquisition of data signal and integration of the chromatogram, Peak-ABC-GPC is responsible for performing GPC analysis based on the Molecular Calibration Curve obtained before hand.

  • For the Dual-channel Model, the two acquiring channels could be connected to two different instruments for independent signal acquisition. While one channel may be used for GPC analysis, the other may be used for HLPC, or GC analysis to quantify components quantity.

  • If you are familiar with setting formulae and writing Macro program within Excel application, you may add them within the GPC Module to perform further analysis based on the various calculations calculated by Peak-ABC-GPC.

  • A series calibration data for a series columns can be saved into a library.

Some screen copies of Peak-ABC-GPC system: