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Single or Dual-channel Model is to be externally attached to the computer. Connect it to computer by Serial Port Digital Cable, USB Port Digital Cable or LAN Cable for independent or simultaneous (synchronize or asynchronize) data signal acquisition.
24-bit high precision Analog / Digital conversion device;
Input bipolar range +/- 1.3V; +/-4V;
Input resistance:>10MΩ;
Linearity +/- 0.005% of full scale;
Acquisition speed :Programmable at 1,2,5,10,20Hz. Max of 60Hz is available upon request before delivery.
Integration sensitivity:0.05μV·s;
Minimum resolution:1μV (as shown below);
Accuracy more than 21 bit at 120Hz;
Equipped with a remote starter to be connected to analytical instrument or Auto-sampler to receive the Start / Run signal.