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This is an HPLC workstation which can control SSI/LabAlliance pump.


lAs you start Peak-ABC for SSI/LabAlliance, you can see the Control Panel first, which consists of three pages. You can configure the liquid chromatography system right away in the first page:


lAfter configuring, you can do basic control operation under the second page if you don¡¯t care about time program:


lIf you do have time program, you can specify it in the third page:


1.  All pumps will be stopped when Run time you set is reached.

2.  If you have injection program, you can set the injection time and injection flow when you click the button Inj. prog..

3.  Click the button Flux curve to check whether the flow proportion is really you want:


You can reach the Peak-ABC for SSI/LabAlliance back window after you close the Control Panel:


On the tool bar there are many icon buttons, where:

lThe fifth is to switch on/off the Control Panel.

lThe seventh (in dark green) is to start baseline acquisition (and time program won't be executed).

lThe eighth (in light green) is to start sample acquisition (and time program will be executed).

lThe ninth (in purple) is to pause/resume the time program during its execution.


On the status bar there are four indicators, where the third shows the current pressure value read from Pump A: