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The distillation data at boiling point of the oil sample can be calculated by using the chromatogram of the standard sample with known boiling point and the sliced chromatogram of the unknown oil sample. (Analysis is done by measuring the different temperature level needed to obtain a series of desired quantity; or by measuring the series of quantity obtained at a series of different temperature level). Internal standard method could be applied in the case of crude oil.

Chromatograms of: 1) standard sample (mainly normal paraffin C5 - C40); 2) unknown sample (crude oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene or coal tar); 3) unknown sample added with internal standard C14 - C17; and 4) Blank Sample (needed for determination of the baseline) are acquired in turn.



The curve of retention time vs. boiling point is acquired from the standard sample.



The curve of yield vs. boiling point is acquired from the sliced chromatogram of unknown sample.



Based on the curve, yield under every boiling point (increased at the rate of 5 Celsius degree) is reported. 



Based on the curve, boiling point under every yield (increased at the rate of 1%) is reported.