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  • By using an independent IO card, 64 TTL signals can be exported to control maximum 60 tubes and maximum 4 relay controlling events.

  • Whether to do the tube cycle, the repeat number of tube cycle, and which tubes to analyses can be set and taken real-timely. Other than the tube cycle, ordinary manual injections can be taken as well.

  • Two channels of signals can be acquired simultaneously, and useful peaks can be grafted from one channel to another to make subsequent work easier.

  • The warning concentration thresholds of various gases and the warning concentration ratio of alkyl/alkene can be set to trigger a warning at the end of each analysis. If the concentration of methane and oxygen come into the fire damp explosion triangle, a warning will be made automatically.

  • Analysis time and results of each named tube are put into database automatically, where a historical report can be made by the index of time or the index of tube name. Historical curve can also be made to show the concentration trend for each gas.