Identifying Components / Component Table
The Component Table is for you to conveniently identify the components and Internal standard by their expected retention times, their name, their calibrators and their known quantities, if applicable. This software permits you to add more than one Internal standard to be applied to different groups of components. This way of identifying component and Internal standard is indeed very convenient. You can make use of the remaining three columns to calculate the aggregated quantity of a few components. For connected peaks, you can make use of the "Band beg (begin)", and "Band end". For non-connecting peaks, you can make use of the Grp (group) sum column to identify the peaks.

For each component identified in this table, a marking would be made on the x-axis accompanied by its given name. When deciding whether a component is present or not, so long as the marking on the x-axis lies within the Start Point and End Point of a peak, the component corresponding to that peak is regarded as present. Input of retention time can be done by right clicking on the mouse to select the command from the Pop-up menu. The time corresponding to the position where you right click on the mouse would be captured in the RetTime (retention time) column. In the case of changes in retention time, you can conveniently reposition the marking by simply dragging it with the cursor. The time captured in the RetTime column will also be adjusted automatically.