Document Window Technique / Split Window Technique
By applying Document Window Technique and Split Window Technique, a one-page Document window is designed to display all the working elements of a Chromatogram file in one screen for quick access and manipulation. Every time you start the software system, a new Document Window would be created ready for data acquisition. Each Document window consists of Six Working Tables and a Chromatogram Frame. After successfully installed the software, the following page would be displayed.

The File Manager displays the File folder contents of your computer system including the Chromatogram file folders. By clicking on the icon, you can hide the File Manager to create more space for the Document Window. You can make use of the File Manger to conveniently apply the various commands such as Cut, Copy, Paste and Rename to manage your files. Most importantly, by double clicking on the filename, you can quickly retrieve a Chromatogram file.
The Six Working Tables are arranged in tag form for your easy access. Moving from one table to another is as simple as a click of the mouse on the respective tag. Each of them serves a specific function during the entire analysis process starting from acquisition of chromatogram, through to identifying and calculating of components quantities to preparing of analysis report. We shall explain more about the Six Working Tables in the later part of this overview.
The Chromatogram Frame displays the chromatogram on a real time basis as and when a chromatogram is being acquired. You can freely expand and shrink the Chromatogram Frame and also partition it into two sections. The left section displays the entire chromatogram while the right section displays the enlarged segment of the chromatogram following the movement of the cursor.