Multi-Document Window Technique / Multi-thread Technique
To improve the speed of operating this software, we apply Multi-Document Window Technique so that you can work with more than one Chromatogram files at one time. When you are working with more than one chromatogram files, there would be more than one corresponding Document Windows being displayed. This technique allows you to acquire a chromatogram in one Document Window, while re-processing an acquired chromatogram in another Document Window. When working with more than one Document Window, you are able to stack them together or display them side-by-side, for easy comparison.

This software is based on the Multi-thread Technique so that you can perform other functions within a Document window when acquisition of signal is in process. For example, you are able to adjust the Displaying parameters as and when chromatogram is being acquired. You can also input the Component Table or Report Table while acquisition is in process.