Patented Noise Filtering Method / Acquisition Table / Display
   Acquisition Table is for you to input the acquiring parameters to be applied during chromatogram acquisition. When data signal is being acquired, we apply our patented Noise Filtering Method to eliminate noise so that we can detect even the weakest level of noise close to Baseline noise. 

Instead of having to adjust numerous parameters as is typical in other software, you only need to adjust one single parameter to process complicated chromatogram. This one and only one processing parameter is called Initial Peak Width. You can obtain an estimate of the value of Initial Peak Width by clicking on the Estimate button. It is really that easy to operate.
By applying Multi-thread Technique, user is able to make real time adjustment to the scale of the chromatogram horizontally and/or vertically as and when data signal is being acquired.
User has the option to change the labeling of peaks and also the description and scales of the horizontal and vertical axes.
User can drag on the mouse to zoom in on a selected segment of the chromatogram for close examination of small peaks, Baseline noise and precision of manual integration method. Simply double click on the mouse if you wish to un-zoom.